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A Lightning Detector for Arduino

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino from Scratch’ from this link In this tutorial, we will build a lightning detector using an Arduino Uno, a few resistors and some jumper wires. Most lightning detectors often cost too much for the normal hobbyist, however this does not mean one cannot enjoy lightning detection and the physics behind it. In this tutorial, using a surprisingly simple circuit we will be able… Read Article →

Frequency Counter

Arduino Frequency Counter with 16×2 LCD Display

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino from Scratch’ from this link Recently, a friend of mine had an issue with his car’s ECU and needed a frequency counting device. The solution was a device to determine the pulse frequency emitted by the ECU against the rev counter. So, the device had to have the ability to read digital pulses, between 1v – 5v, which are then interpreted by a… Read Article →

Arduino Cellular Automata

Arduino and OLED based Cellular Automata

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino’ from this link This project uses an I2C 128×64 OLED to display a tiny cellular automata powered by Arduino Nano. Prerequisites 2x half size breadboard (ebay) (or 1x standard) 1x Arduino Nano (ebay) (can be Uno as well) 1x OLED I2C 128×64 (ebay) 4x Jumper Wires (ebay) Assumptions During this tutorial I will assume that you know what an Arduino is (o_O) and… Read Article →