Learn Arduino from Scratch

Take small steps towards mastering Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 and other Embedded IoT devices.

This is a step-by-step course to get you started with sensing the world around you using free software and open-source hardware.


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Learning Arduino should be pleasurable, not hard

This e-book course will take you on journey from knowing absolutely nothing to building a weather station, a LCD RSS feed reader, an autonomous Car, a lightning detector and many many more. In simple terms, you could become a professional Arduino developer, capable of building mind blowing gadgets.

This course will focus on an easy approach to learn to program and control these devices. We will use the famous ESP8266 extensively to connect our projects to the internet, and be able to control and read data from around the globe.

What will you achieve after following this course?

As we go through all the basic Arduino technicalities, you will learn how the Arduino works and why it works as it does. This will give you a head-start in thinking the Arduino way in practically any project. Once you build several circuits detailed in the eBook, you will be able to analyze a particular requirement and build a circuit around it.

We will mention and use several hardware components, not just the usual electronics stuff like capacitors, resistors and transistors, but complete modules like WiFi, GPS, GSM/GPRS, Real Time Clock, Bluetooth, Wireless devices, Microwave object detection, Ultrasonic sensors, Microphones and many more. Above all, you will learn what to use, where and how.

What will you learn?

To build Arduino projects involving WiFi, GPS, GSM/GPRS, Real Time Clock, Bluetooth, Wireless devices, Microwave object detection, Ultrasonic sensors, Microphones, sensors, Light Sensor, UV Sensor, IR Sensor, Radio Sensor, Motion Sensor, Gas detection and much more. You will learn:

  • Arduino using Arduino Uno, Nano and Pro Mini
  • ESP8266 flashing and programming using ESP-01, NodeMCU with both Arduino Core and Lua
  • Reading Sensor data such as (Luminosity, UV radiation, IR radiation, Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric pressure, and more)
  • Exposing Sensor data on the web and locally on screen
  • Send Tweets on Twitter with programmable triggers
  • Stay alert on a particular hashtag and display latest tweets on LCD
  • Build a Lightning Detector for less than $15
  • Build a Smart Night Lamp capable of changing color and turning on and off when dark
  • Build a smart clock and display weather conditions from local and remote sensors
  • And much more

Why is this eBook different from others?

This eBook is not dead like most eBooks. This eBook is very much alive, with updates being released continuously. How will that affect you? When you buy a normal eBook, you buy a single version or edition of that eBook. We at Runtime Projects think otherwise. We value our readers and we want them to keep on improving their skills in the future. So we decided to include a package with Free Future Updates. This means, that when you buy the ‘This and all future versions’ package, you will be entitled to all future editions and updates, being minor or major, of this eBook. You can always opt for the one time version of this eBook which will not entitle you to all future updates.

What is included in the current version?

  • Introduction to Arduino, different boards and the IDE
  • Basic Arduino programming
  • Using the Serial library
  • Reading and setting Pin values
  • Installing Libraries
  • Reading Sensor data from temperature sensor
  • Reading Sensor data from soil moisture sensor
  • Building an ultrasonic range finder
  • Wireless Communication between 2 Arduinos with the cheapest 433Mhz modules
  • Setting up a Bluetooth enabled Arduino
  • Running your Arduino for a year using batteries and a solar panel
  • Read an RSS data feed and display it on the famous Nokia 5110 LCD display
  • Introduction to ESP8266
  • Build a web server on the ESP8266
  • Build an Arduino Cellular Automata using a OLED
  • Build a Frequency Detector with a LCD
  • Build a Smart Night Lamp
  • And Finally Build your very own Lightning detector and learn how to process data

We are committing ourselves to keep improving and adding more tutorials, projects and experiments. Our bucket list of projects that are being built or about to be built by our team members:

  • Tutorial on the new ESP32
  • Build a GPS enabled Arduino
  • Build a gas detector including alcohol, carbon monoxide and butane
  • A Complete Weather Station (currently being testing)
  • Build an Autonomous Car
  • Build an SMS and GPS enabled Arduino for a possible Autonomous Boat

Did you know you can request … ?

Ahh yes, do you need to build a project but you can’t figure out how to start? Do you need a kick-start tutorial on a particular device, or a module? Then send us an e-mail and we will do our best to include a tutorial/project in ‘Learn Arduino from Scratch’.

So what are you waiting for?