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Arduino Beginner’s Course Lesson 7– Understanding Interrupts

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino from Scratch’ from this link What are interrupts? Well they interrupt something for sure, precisely they interrupt the main program execution of the CPU. In Arduino we have 2 main functions the setup() and the loop(). Interrupts interrupt code execution in the loop(). But why should we care about interrupts anyway? They are not something to be feared, they make your code cleaner… Read Article →

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Arduino Beginner’s Course Lesson 4– Reading and Writing Pin Values

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino’ from this link In previous lessons we used the digitalWrite to write to a pin or more precisely to switch a pin on and off. That is the simplest way of using a pin. In this lesson we will go though reading and writing values to pins both digital and analog. So we need to settle somethings straight before we proceed here. Digital… Read Article →