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Keep accurate time using Real Time Clock (RTC)

The Arduino board can keep time using millis() which increment from boot up till shutdown, then it will start over again. But what if we needed to keep time indefinitely, independently whether the board is switched on or off? What if we don’t want millis() but we want the year, month, day and time? How do we compensate for leap years? No worries. We are fortunate enough to have the… Read Article →

Arduino Cellular Automata

Arduino and OLED based Cellular Automata

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino’ from this link This project uses an I2C 128×64 OLED to display a tiny cellular automata powered by Arduino Nano. Prerequisites 2x half size breadboard (ebay) (or 1x standard) 1x Arduino Nano (ebay) (can be Uno as well) 1x OLED I2C 128×64 (ebay) 4x Jumper Wires (ebay) Assumptions During this tutorial I will assume that you know what an Arduino is (o_O) and… Read Article →