LightBlue Bean – Zero Wires

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Can you think of a device, which has a builtin 3v CR2032 battery, very small and portable, can run for over a month on a single battery and has a builtin BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device? No? We have!! The LightBlue Bean has all the features mentioned above and more… much more.

First of all, this tiny device can be programmed wirelessly. Come again… 😮 Yes, no wires needed to program the LightBlue Bean. It is programmed via Bluetooth.
Secondly, and this is the most exciting part, is that this device can be programmed from your mobile phone. Android and iOS both are supported, although the Android one (which I use) lacks an interactive interface.

The LightBlue Bean is powered by a 3v CR2032 and runs on an ATTiny85 micro controller. It has an accelerometer, a thermometer and an RGB LED on board. LightBlue Bean provides an API to interface directly with these 3 components and to other functionality for example changing the BLE characteristics on the fly, or setting the LightBlue Bean to act as an iBeacon all of this without external libraries. The Bean has 8 digital I/O pins, 2 of them can be used as analog inputs. SPI, ICSP and I2C are all supported. There is a small breadboard like part on the device to attach your own electronics. 🙂


The official page of LightBlue Bean is
If you want some inspirational projects head to and find some cool projects to build using LightBlue Bean.
The full API reference can be found here.


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