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Smart lamp

A Smart Night Lamp for Kids

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino from Scratch’ from this link Few weeks ago I heard my nephew (aged 7) complaining of the dark at night. Basically he was afraid 🙂 So I decided to put knowledge into practice and build a night lamp for kids. Since the project was intended for kids, I thought of making the lamp change color every now and then. It should also be… Read Article →

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Arduino Beginner’s Course Lesson 3– Using the Serial Library

You can download our e-book ‘Learn Arduino’ from this link The Serial library is one of the most widely used library in Arduino development. The serial communication provides a simple communication interface to the PC or any other device that accepts connections over serial protocol. Throughout this course and some of the projects we post, Serial will be used to output either debug data or factual data. Debug data is… Read Article →